Barnes Court



Housing 21

Project Location

Burnley, Lancashire

Roof Type

Concrete tile


Residential – retirement complex 

Barnes Court in Burnley comprises several two-storey apartment blocks and one main communal building. The roofing specification no longer adhered to current roofing standards and the roof covering had started to deteriorate, affecting the appearance of the building.  

Housing 21, the housing association that manages Barnes Court, instructed Allied Roofing to carry out the specification and design upgrade of the roof. This was due to our strong portfolio of social housing projects of this nature across the North West. 


We developed a specification which ensured the roof was compliant with the current roofing standards and advised the use of Sandtoft Calderdale Edge Dark Grey concrete tiles. This tile choice is strong and durable, and mimics the appearance of slate, creating a modern, stylish finish. It is also a quick-to-lay tile, which requires very little maintenance after installation, making it the ideal material for Barnes Court. 

We stripped the roof of its original tiles and installed the new concrete tiles to the current British and manufacturer standards. We then completed associated works by providing eaves to ridge ventilation throughout, as well as lead flashings to all wall abutments. This was done to help regulate the temperature of the building, increase airflow, and further waterproof the roof to increase its robustness and lifespan.

The existing fascias, barge boards, soffits and rainwater goods also needed replacing to ensure the roof is watertight. We did this using uPVC, an energy-efficient material that will withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions with a lifespan of 50+ years. 

Project challenges

As we were the main contractor on this project and the buildings were occupied, it was our responsibility to provide welfare facilities, subcontract the scaffolding works across the site and manage all communications with the client and tenants.  

It was important that we maintained frequent communication with the on-site Court Manager to keep the residents informed throughout all stages of the project. We wanted to minimise as much disruption as possible and give the residents the opportunity to voice any concerns they had, as well as guarantee that certain works, such as turning the gas on and off, could be carried out safely. 

Access to the building and the transportation of materials across the site was difficult due to there being only one access point to the building. This meant our team had to walk through internal corridors regularly, which we communicated with the tenants, so they knew what to expect. 

Towards the end of the project, we were hit with unexpected bad weather conditions, which meant the work had to be paused temporarily to ensure the final stages could be completed without risk and to a high standard. Once the weather had passed, we were able to pick up where we left off and complete the reroof safely. 


Despite the project needing to be paused due to bad weather, we were still able to maintain the client’s budget and finish the project on time. 

Housing 21 was delighted with Barnes Court’s new modern roof, which now adheres to the current roofing standards and elevates the appearance of the residential complex.