Locking Stumps Community Primary School



Warrington Council

Project Location

Birchwood, Warrington

Roof Type

Metal tile



Locking Stumps Community Primary School is a one-storey building located in Warrington. Its roof had been gradually deteriorating over the years, which had started to affect the robustness of the roof and put the security of the building at risk.

The existing roof tiles had been discontinued, meaning the roof would be difficult and costly to maintain going forward. Replacing the entirety of the existing tiles with a tough, but easy-to-manage, material was the best long-term solution.

Warrington Borough Council engaged Allied Roofing to carry out the roof replacement due to our expertise of working on projects of this nature.


We first removed the existing tiles from the roof and replaced the insulation using Alumasc foil backed PIR rigid boards, ensuring the building can successfully climatise during hot or cold weather conditions.

Smoked Oak Alumasc lightweight steel roof tiles were chosen as the appropriate replacement for the roof due to their traditional appearance, easy maintenance and weather-resistant properties. Being seven times lighter than traditional tiles, their installation process is quick and simple, supporting the primary school’s requirement for a speedy replacement process.

Due to the hipped roof, our team had to cut the tiles so they could be successfully installed. As windows sit between the higher and lower roof, our operatives had to carry out highly skilled cutting and complicated detailing to install the vertical tiles around the windows. This ensured the intricate style of the roof was well executed, delivering a professional finish.

Project challenges

As the school remained in operation throughout the duration of the installation, the health and safety of its pupils and staff took priority and remained at the forefront of our minds from start to finish.

We developed a detailed safety management plan prior to the project commencing, which included a thorough risk assessment to guarantee the safety of the building occupants, as well as the smooth running of the school’s operation. This was accomplished by restricting access to certain areas of the school’s grounds and communicating with the school’s staff on secure locations to store materials, as well as a safe place to accept deliveries from our suppliers. This guaranteed that the day-to-day running of the school wasn’t impacted, and the pupils and staff remained safe.

During the installation, sudden bad weather took place over a number of days. This affected the safety of the working conditions, which impacted the time it took to complete the project. The project was extended by 2-3 weeks to warrant the welfare of our team and suppliers and the school’s staff and pupils.


We successfully delivered the roof replacement without exceeding the client’s budget, despite the necessary extension. Fusing great, frequent communication with the skilled on-site team led to a successful completion and a happy client, leaving the primary school with an incredibly hard-wearing, traditional roof that will stand the test of time for decades to come.