St Paul’s Court



Your Housing Group

Project Location

Birchwood, Warrington

Roof Type

Fibre cement slate


Residential – housing association

St Paul’s Court is a three-storey apartment building, with attached single-storey apartments, based in Warrington. The roofing system needed replacing as the slates on the roof were beginning to deteriorate, which had started to cause water ingress, leading to various issues.

Your Housing Group, the housing association that manages the building, engaged Allied Roofing to carry out the roof replacement due to our extensive experience of delivering successful roofing projects within the social housing sector across the North West.


We put together a specification, which advised the use of the same blue/black Cedral Etex NT Thrutone fibre cement slates, while ensuring the installation complies with the current roofing standards to fully waterproof the roof, extend its longevity, and prevent any further damage to the building. Fibre cement slates are a lighter and cheaper, yet equally strong, alternative to natural slate tiles with a life expectancy of over 50 years. They are incredibly weather-resistant and withstand the harshest conditions with ease, making them a reliable choice.

We removed the existing slate tiles from the roof and installed the new fibre cement slates to the current British and manufacturer standards. We replaced the original black shiplap vertical cladding with new black shiplap and carried out remedial work to the fascias, soffits and gutters.

We then mechanically fixed the ridge tiles in a dry-fix, maintenance-free system to keep the preservation of the roof as straightforward as possible for years to come, and to achieve a clean, sleek finish to St Paul’s Court’s new roof.

Project challenges

As this was a social housing project, we had to be very considerate of the residents living in the building. It was critical that regular tenant liaison took place throughout the duration of the project to guarantee their safety and comfort, as well as keeping them well-informed whilst the work was taking place.

We achieved this by forming a good relationship with the Building Manager, who kept the tenants up to date, making sure they were aware of important details, such as the programme of works and safe access points to the building, ensuring their safety and minimising disruption.


We were pleased to deliver the desired result on time whilst successfully meeting the client’s budget. Our consistent communication with the Building Manager and, in turn, the tenants, enabled us to deliver a smooth installation with minimal disruption to the residents’ everyday lives.

St Paul’s Court now has a durable, reliable roof that will last for decades to come, keeping the residents and their homes, safe and sound.